Monday, November 22, 2010

My Personal Thoughts On A Pair I've Seen

      This last fall, I went to the Anchorage Museum with some classmates, it was here that I have done the bulk of my "hands on" research. After I studied and critiqued the multiple pairs of snow goggles on display there, I wrote down my thoughts on a specific pair, and here's an excerpt...
       "One pair of snow goggles in particular caught my eye, compelling me to study snow goggles. Simply put, I couldn't help but to fall in love with them, probably because I saw al of the love that was poured into making it. Although individual snow goggles don't have names, I almost want to name them just to
distinguish that pair from the other five. The meticulous effort poured into them is simply amazing to me.
To me it seems it was made with the same affectionate care that resembles a parent holding their newborn
for the very first time, or the type of care that can only be reached when an artists's whole heart is poured
into their creation making t their own personal masterpiece."

       The above excerpt is from my personal library of writings that I have written, in future dialogs I may refer back to these. Later on tonight I will post the second half of my thoughts on the "special" pair of snow goggles.

Josey, J. (2010). The perfect ones. Snow goggles (pp. 3).

The author  lives in the state of Alaska, and as a student of the local university he has been given the opportunity to learn about things the typical textbook is not able to teach. Though he attends college, Josey considers himself as a student of life, and it is the examples given to him in life that he tries so passionately, to learn and to apply. The excerpted piece of literature above comes from his personal collection of writings, regarding some of his more personal thoughts and ideas. Originally this piece was a part of a larger compilation of writings entitled “Snow Goggles” which was an assignment assigned in his English class. The piece entitled “The Perfect Ones” really helps bring out the point Josey was trying to relate to his audience, in regards to the craftsmanship that was being applied to the goggles as they were being made.

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