Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How To Make A Pair in the Wild

Here's a very cool video, giving step by step instruction, on how to make a simple pair of snow goggles in a wilderness setting. I hope you enjoy.


Howcast, H. (2010, August 25). How to make snow 
   goggles. Retrieved from

Howcast is a corporation that specializes in making and distributing instructional content. Led by a senior management team whose members are specialists in traditional as well as new forms of media, as well as technology. Their wide spectrum of communication skills allow them to reach a broader audience, with very useful instructional content. Howcast has offices both in New York and San Francisco, for easy access for their site publishers and content providers stationed around the world. This particular video on my blog comes from Howcast’s channel on Youtube that consists of over 6,000 videos, videos consisting of instructional content. I find this video very useful and easy to understand, as well as being easy to follow. Other films on making a pair of snow goggles range from eight to fifteen minutes, so I was really happy to find that the host kept everything real simple, and made the film really short. 


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