Monday, November 22, 2010

My Personal Thoughts On A Pair I've Seen pt. 2

         In the previous blog, I wrote about my personal thoughts on a pair of snow goggles I have seen at the Anchorage Museum,  in which there is an excerpt of what I've thought in relation to feelings, or how I had felt about them. In this blog I will post an excerpt about their physical appearance.

        "To me that one pair of snow goggles exhibited such exquisite detail; they were dressed with a fine dark brown finish, with a perfectly oval shaped bridge allowing a comfortable fit on the nose. Thin slits for the eyes, but still wide enough to allow the peripheral vision to be of use. A thin strap made of either seal skin or braided sinew kept them from falling off of the wearer's head. The most distinctive part to me was the skillfully made visor just above the slits for the eyes, built with perfect symmetry containing machine lie precision. Though very slender and delicate in appearance, they demonstrated a great sense of fashion, and simultaneously capable of heavy duty performances."

And here they are...

Josey, J. (2010). The perfect ones. Snow goggles (pp. 3).

The author  lives in the state of Alaska, and as a student of the local university he has been given the opportunity to learn about things the typical textbook is not able to teach. Though he attends college, Josey considers himself as a student of life, and it is the examples given to him in life that he tries so passionately, to learn and to apply. The excerpted piece of literature above comes from his personal collection of writings, regarding some of his more personal thoughts and ideas. Originally this piece was a part of a larger compilation of writings entitled “Snow Goggles” which was an assignment assigned in his English class. The piece entitled “The Perfect Ones” really helps bring out the point Josey was trying to relate to his audience, in regards to the craftsmanship that was being applied to the goggles as they were being made.
(at least until tomorrow)
- Josey

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