Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How To Make Snow Goggles

            In this post, I will be writing on how to make a pair of snow goggles. In my opinion there are two different types of snow goggles. There are traditional snow goggles, and then there's the one's made on the fly in the wilderness, in a life threatening situation.
            In this blog I will write about traditional snow goggles, and in the next blog, I will post a video on how to make them in the wilderness.

           Each pair of snow goggles is made to fit whomever they were made for.  Typically a fine piece of wood or ivory would be used. The piece would be wide enough to reach the wearer's temples. Then a slight curve would be applied onto the "mask" of the goggles, so they would fit around their face more comfortably. Then they would coordinate where the eyes would be at, and make slits approximately an inch and a half in length, and a few centimeters in height. Then a strap of braided sinew, or some string would be used to securely fasten it around the wearers head.


Steven Pirot, S.T. (2010, November 11). How are they made
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The author Steven Pirot is a great writer, who has a blog exclusively based on Yupik Snow Goggles. In this blog he has numerous posts about various aspects of Yupik culture, and their many uses for snow goggles, and also writes about their usages pre colonialism, and post colonialism. Mr. Pirot relates the Yupik snow goggles to indigenous cultures around the world and compares them with similarities and contrasts. The author examines numerous topics of interest such as, how they are made, useful websites, the history of snow goggles in the state of Alaska, and a post in response to ancient goggles evolutionary change to what they are today. The blog itself is a great source for information, on an object that can be hard to fin information on. He has poured many hours of research into his work, and many of his posts are annotated with APA reference citation, to validate credibility.

Shane Dayton, S.D. (2010). How to make eskimo snow goggles.                
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The author Shane Dayton, an author that works closely with ehow.com wrote an article entitled, "How to Make Eskimo Snow Goggles."In this article the author writes step by step instructions on how to make a standard pair of snow goggles with a simple piece of birch bark and a knife. The instructions are very easy to follow, and could come in handy in a wilderness survival situation. I used this web site, to get an idea, as to what a person should do to make a standard pair of snow goggles. Overall I consider this website very useful for my usage of it in my blog, and for wilderness survival tips. The instructions are really easy to follow, but to my dismay there isn't any visual representation to aid the written instruction, but it is still a very good website.

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