Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Friends, Romans, countrymen, welcome to my blog. The focus of this blog is Inupiat Snow Goggles. Within the next few weeks I will be posting numerous articles on the following, but not necessarily in this succession.
  • Snow Goggle history
  • How to make a pair in an emergency situation
  • Viewing Snow Goggles through the lens of art
  • Modern Vs. Ancient
  • Cultural Significanse
  • An illustrative short story... by me
  • My thoughts, on the pair I personally studied
  • Will traditional Snow Goggles be a victim of extinction?
  • And What I hope you got out of this blog
This is just the beginning of what is to come

 (at least until tomorrow)
- Josey


  1. Wow man!! You didn't even go into detail what snow goggles are, but I'm loving this blog already!!!

  2. hello, i wish to talk to you about snow goggles. Would you please get in touch (
    Thank you


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